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Water Damage Cleaning

water damageWater damage can strike at any moment. The professional Certified Technicians at Tampa Bay Cleaning Solutions of Tampa Bay  can respond to your water damage disaster immediately and evaluate what equipment will be necessary to complete your water damage repair job. Water extraction equipment will remove 1200 or more gallons of water per hour from the water damaged area.

Moisture sensors, air movers, and dehumidifiers will protect your carpet, pad, sub-floor and furnishings from odor, mildew and bacteria. The area affected by the water damage will be deodorized, disinfected, repaired, and professionally cleaned using the exclusive patented foam absorption process. Water can soak into your floor, walls and ceiling leaving a hazardous mess that you can’t even see. Sometimes, water becomes trapped between layers of wood or drywall and creates a pocket. Over time, this pocket can cause warping, create mold damage, cause your floor, wall or ceiling to split or may discolor the surface. Tampa Bay Cleaning Solutions Master Cleaners knows how to find these pockets before they cause structural and aesthetic problems in your home.

When Tampa Bay Cleaning Solutions comes to your Tampa Bay area home, we follow standard procedures in order to survey your home and restore damaged areas. First, we survey the structure for damage and make sure it is safe to be within the home. Your foundation, walls, studs and beams may have been damaged by the water. While drywall damage is not hazardous to the sturdiness of the home, damage to foundations, studs and beams could cause further complications resulting in injury.

Next, Tampa Bay Cleaning Solutions will identify the source of the water. This is usually the biggest area of damage. Once the source has been identified and repaired, Tampa Bay Cleaning Solutions will remove any debris from the water and will begin ventilating your home to guard against mold spore growth. Using industrial restoration specific equipment and industrial strength chemical drying agents, Tampa Bay Cleaning Solutions will dry out the home thoroughly. We utilize the fastest drying equipment in the industry which can get you back into your home, potentially prevent loss of material and irreplacable personal items.

After that is complete, your possessions will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Since many floods and leaks involve grey or contaminated water, disinfecting of your furniture and other items will most likely be necessary. If the items in your home have been contaminated, we will work with your insurance company to have those items replaced. If mold has already taken hold, mold remediation will also need to be done to complete the water damage restoration process. Mold can be avoided if swift action is taken when the disaster first occurs.

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